Remembering Patrick Beauregard

Dr. Kimmie Ng Patrick Beauregard

Dr. Kimmie Ng with patient Patrick Beauregard

Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation celebrates the life of Patrick Beauregard. Patrick died September 6, 2020, from colorectal cancer. He was 32. 
Patrick became part of our Conquer Cancer family under the care of his doctor, Kimmie Ng, MD, MPH, a  Conquer Cancer Young Investigator Award and Career Development Award recipient.  

Patrick volunteered his time to Conquer Cancer, sharing his story to raise funds for cancer research. His story was featured at our 2020 virtual fundraising dinner, and he and Dr. Ng led efforts on our 2020 Donor Appreciation Day to thank Conquer Cancer supporters.

Since his Stage IV diagnosis in 2017, Patrick and his family made advocating for research funding and cancer prevention a priority. In addition to his work with Conquer Cancer, he raised funds for other cancer charities, lobbied the U.S. Congress for federal research funding, and made many media appearances to raise awareness for colorectal cancer.

We will always remember Patrick – husband, father, son, brother – as a conqueror.