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Facing Childhood Cancer

This month is a perfect time to ask: What stands between us and a world where pediatric cancers are prevented or cured, and every survivor is healthy?


Test Your Childhood Cancer Knowledge!

Because one of the most important steps to conquer cancer is education and awareness.

Mia and Dr. Lake

From Toxic to Tolerable

This Conquer Cancer-funded pediatric oncologist and researcher is determined to improve survival rates and reduce the toxic side effects of treatment for kids with cancer.

Dr. Pedro Isaacsson Velho in a white coat, smiling facing forward against a blue background.

From the U.S. to Brazil: Dr. Pedro Isaacsson Velho on Advancing Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Two-time Conquer Cancer grant recipient Dr. Pedro Isaacsson Velho works to make treatments more tolerable and effective for patients with advanced prostate cancer, most of whom have few options beyond standard care.

Headshot of Dr. Wendy Allen-Rhoades. She is smiling, facing forward. She is wearing a black blazer over a white shirt, with a smal golden necklace. Her hair is light brown and shoulder-length.
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From Chickens and Ice Cream to Clinical Trials

As a little girl, Kenedi loves eating ice cream, drawing stories about her family’s chickens, and playing with her sister. But at age 7, after feeling sick for some time, a cancer diagnosis upended Kenedi’s life.

Despite being the top disease-related cause of death for children, pediatric cancers are still considered rare. As with most rare diseases, childhood cancer receives far less research funding compared with more common cancers. The consequence? Fewer breakthroughs or treatment options for patients. Even so, elevated investment in childhood cancer research has provided a lifeline for kids like Kenedi, ultimately increasing their odds of survival. Funded by a Conquer Cancer grant, her own oncologist, Dr. Wendy Allen-Rhoades, dedicated significant effort to identifying warning signs signaling the presence of sarcoma cells in the body. This donor-supported research resulted in a clinical trial that ultimately — and successfully — informed Kenedi’s treatment. By age 8, Kenedi was in remission.

In our latest Your Stories podcast, Dr. Allen-Rhoades talks to host Brenda Brody about caring for Kenedi, why raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer research is so critical, and how supporting Conquer Cancer helps pediatric oncologists and the children they treat.

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