Holiday Travel: Conquer Cancer Podcast Playlist

Holiday Travel - Conquer Cancer Podcast Playlist. Episodes (top to bottom): Co-survivors; Follow the Signs; Day by Day; Lessons in Uncertainty; Making Advocacy Count

Pass the time while you travel this holiday season. Conquer Cancer®, the ASCO Foundation, compiled a playlist featuring standout episodes from season IV of our Your Stories podcast series. Your Stories showcases unscripted conversations between patients, doctors, and the family and friends who conquer cancer with them. 


Guests: Kristin & Will Flanary 

Host: Dr. Mark Lewis 

Will, known as @DGlaucomflecken on the internet and comedy stages, Dr. Flanary to his ophthalmology patients, and Dad to the two children he shares with Kristin (@LadyGlaucomflecken), is a two-time testicular cancer survivor; he also survived cardiac arrest – all before age 35. What is so funny about three life-threatening episodes and the caregiving involved with cancer? The Flanarys (aka the Glaucomfleckens on #MedTwitter) tell Dr. Mark Lewis. 

Follow the Signs 

Guest: Monique Robinson 

Host: Brenda Brody 

A random pink ribbon pin in the laundry room floor. A message from an eerie dream. Monique could not shake the feeling that something just wasn’t right with her body. She shared these concerns with her gynecologist and scheduled a mammogram. Following the signs revealed what Monique had suspected all along: breast cancer. Monique tells host and fellow survivor, Brenda Brody, how her journey was driven by believing in herself and trusting her support system. 

Day by Day 

Guests: Cain & Tawny Wilson 

Host: Dr. Mark Lewis 

Cain had never heard of Ewing sarcoma before he was diagnosed at six years old. He’d never even heard of cancer. Now 12, Cain is still in treatment, relying on the latest pediatric research to provide new ways to manage his cancer. After years in treatment, Cain and his mom, Tawny, join Dr. Mark Lewis to raise awareness about childhood cancers and share their family’s story of conquering day by day. 

Lessons in Uncertainty 

Guest: Lisa Geller 

Host: Dr. Don Dizon 

Soon after recovering from Hodgkin lymphoma, Lisa Geller’s cancer returned. Then another shocking diagnosis: endometrial cancer. Lisa was not ready for the ways her second diagnosis would inspire her to openly share her story and embrace the support family and friends were providing. Always independent, cancer forced her to rely on others for help and healing. Lisa tells her oncologist, Dr. Don Dizon, how she endured the pain and the exhausting uncertainty of treatment and recovery. 

Making Advocacy Count

Guest: Scout

Host: Dr. Don Dizon 

Scout, MA, PhD, executive director of the National LGBT Cancer Network, tells host Dr. Don Dizon why representation matters, why pronouns matter, and why it matters more than ever for patients with cancer from LGBTQ+ communities to be counted and welcomed. Scout shares why he believes doctors and allies carry a unique responsibility in working to dismantle the implicit biases facing LGBTQ+ patients with cancer.