The Gifts of Peace and Second Chances

Monique Robinson smiling facing forward. The image is a black and white close-up of Monique's face.

Monique was diagnosed with breast cancer during the holiday season 8 years ago. This holiday, she is celebrating every day she has with the people she loves. 

Early diagnosis helped save Monique Robinson’s life. The time spent conquering cancer was filled with sickness and angst, but it actually changed her spirit for the better. 

 “Throughout my cancer journey and to this day, I have become more spiritually devoted and do my best to give back to others,” said Monique. “The best gift ever given to me was a second chance at life.” 

And though she’s planning holiday escapes with friends and family, she still recalls the worry she felt once her treatment ended. 

“Any time I had an ache, a pain, a sniffle, I swore the cancer was back, and I would spiral down,” recalls Monique.  

Breast cancer researcher and Women Who Conquer Cancer supporter, Dr. Neelima Denduluri, helped guide Monique through her diagnosis and developed a customized care plan for body, mind, and spirit. 

“I was in her office sobbing and crying and she looked at me and she's like, ‘You need to do something about your anxiety’,” said Monique. “She was treating my entire being, not just my cancer.” 

“Today, I’m feeling great,” said Monique. “It’s wonderful.” Monique wishes the same peace she feels for others who are facing the holiday season with worry and fear. 

“If I could give patients and survivors a gift this holiday, it would be the gift of hope,” said Monique. “Hope for many more years with friends and family.  Hope that they have someone in their lives to support them. Hope that during their darkest days, they are loved, supported and heard. Hope that there will be a cure that ends all types of cancer.”