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Hear candid conversations between people conquering cancer – patients, their family and friends, and doctors and researchers working to help us all.

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Behind the Breakthroughs
Great loss, Great gain
International business leader Riccardo Braglia has experienced great loss from cancer. But the perspective he gained inspires what he gives to help patients everywhere. Riccardo shares his story with ASCO CEO Clifford A. Hudis, MD, FACP, FASCO.

It Takes a Village

 “My grandmother, my grandfather, my mother, my two uncles, my aunts,” said Riccardo. “My family has definitely been affected by this terrible disease.”

From the village near Milan where he was raised, work has always been a family affair for generations of Braglia entrepreneurs.  As his family conquered cancer together, Riccardo discovered caregiving is also a team job. 

“You need people that give you love and support you through this journey,” said Riccardo. “If you don’t have a strong family or family close by, identify a couple of good friends to support you through this journey.”

Honoring Mom

Shocked by the side-effects he witnessed watching his best friend suffer from multiple myeloma and his mother from ovarian cancer, Riccardo redirected the focus of his pharmaceutical company to help patients with cancer.

“The bad news is she passed away,” said Riccardo. “The good news is she inspired me to do what I’m doing every day in fighting against cancer.”

In honor of his beloved mother, Riccardo gives generously to fund research. He wants to help cure all cancers and improve the treatment process for all patients.

“We have to put the patients in the focus,” said Riccardo, so they “live better and in good quality.”



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If you select promising, high-quality researchers [with] great ideas, you really widen the possibility of return and having good results.
Riccardo Braglia