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Behind the Breakthroughs
Conquering with Cain
Cain had never heard of Ewing sarcoma before he was diagnosed at six years old. He’d never even heard of cancer. Now 12, after years in treatment, Cain and his mom, Tawny, join Dr. Mark Lewis to raise awareness about childhood cancers and share their family’s story of conquering day by day.

Just Keep Going 

Cain’s mom can quickly list the treatments Cain has endured for half his life. 

“The regimen for initial treatment is kind of harsh,” recalls Tawny. Cain spent the first 14 months after his diagnosis in and out of the hospital and has had four major surgeries. 

“Life’s not fair,” said Tawny. “It’s tough.”  

But cancer has not hardened Cain, an avid young outdoorsman who loves nature and wants to build robots when he grows up. 

“It is scary, some days, to think about what may happen," said Cain. “But I just keep going." 

Research for These Little Guys 

Cain is still in treatment, relying on the latest pediatric research to provide new ways to manage his cancer. 

“After the initial treatment for Ewing, it's kind of second line treatment,” explained Tawny. “After that, it's pretty much just use something until it doesn't work anymore and then switch to something else. So, a lot of our stuff are trials we have tried."

Tawny shares how Cain participates in any clinical trial for which he qualifies and says the greatest way to help Cain and other patients is to support research. 

“We need that funding for the research,” said Tawny. “And we need the research for these little guys. We need to get some treatments that aren't as harsh for their little bodies that are still trying to grow.” 

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Your Stories
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After six years – and counting – a young patient and his mom share how their family maintains hope as they conquer cancer together.