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Monique Robinson and Brenda Brody
Behind the Breakthroughs
Trust Yourself

Monique Robinson leaned on her family, friends, and a team of doctors to help her survive Stage II breast cancer with a lumpectomy and radiation. But as she tells host and fellow survivor Brenda Brody, her journey was driven by believing in herself and trusting her support system.

Practicing Prevention 

Monique practiced monthly self-breast exams, and when she felt a small lump under her armpit, she quickly made an appointment with a doctor. A sonogram led her doctor to believe it was only a swollen lymph node. Relieved, she carried on with her life.  

Woman’s Intuition   

A random pink ribbon pin in the laundry room floor. A message from an eerie dream.  

Monique could not shake the feeling that something just wasn’t right with her body. She shared this with her gynecologist and scheduled a mammogram. It revealed what Monique had suspected all along. 

Woman’s Intervention 

Breast cancer researcher and Women Who Conquer Cancer supporter Dr. Neelima Denduluri helped guide Monique through her cancer diagnosis and made sure to develop a customized care plan for body, mind, and spirit. This approach was especially helpful for Monique who, like many patients, experienced high anxiety throughout treatment. 

“Any time I had an ache, a pain, a sniffle, I swore the cancer was back, and I would spiral down,” recalls Monique. 

“Today I’m feeling great,” says Monique, who shares in the podcast how Dr. Denduluri encouraged her to manage her mental health.  

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Your Stories
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One patient’s story of trusting herself, her doctors, and her family as she conquered cancer. 

Have hope. Take everything you need to have hope and faith.
Monique Robinson