Our Donors
Endowed Grants and Awards Donors

This support enables our endowed grants to live in perpetuity.

Endowed Young Investigator Award
   in memory of  Sally Gordon (2)

Endowed Merit Award

American Society of Clinical Oncology 
Fred J. Ansfield, MD, Endowed
   Young Investigator Award
Harry F. Bisel, MD, Endowed
   Young Investigator Award
Jane C. Wright, MD, Endowed
   Young Investigator Award

ASCO Employees*
ASCO Employees Endowed Merit Award

Friends and Family of Dr. and
   Mrs. Ronald Beller 

Bradley Stuart Beller Endowed
   Merit Award

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Blayney 
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Blayney
   Endowed Merit Award

Boehringer Ingelheim
   International GmbH.

Boehringer Ingelheim Endowed
   Young Investigator Award in
   Gastrointestinal Cancers 

Breast Cancer Research Foundation®
Breast Cancer Research Foundation 
   Endowed Young Investigator Award
   in memory of Evelyn H. Lauder

Bristol-Myers Squibb*
Bristol-Myers Squibb Endowed
   Women Who Conquer Cancer
   Young Investigator Award

Bristol-Myers Squibb Endowed Merit Awards (3)

Celgene Corporation
Endowed Young Investigator Award
   in memory of John R. Durant, MD

Jonathan K. and Cora Y. Cho
   Charitable Fund​*

Jonathan K. Cho, MD, and Cora Y. Cho
   Endowed Merit Award

Mr. William Coulbourne* 
Jane Reese-Coulbourne Endowed
   Patient Advocate Scholarship

Eisai Inc.*
Eisai Inc. Endowed Merit Awards (2)
Eisai Inc. Endowed Patient Advocate Scholarship

Epiphany Partners Inc.*
Epiphany Partners Inc. Endowed Merit Award

Estate of Darla C. Ellis
Darla C. Ellis Endowed Women Who
   Conquer Cancer Merit Award

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Frist, Jr.,
   Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Trisha Elcan,
   Howard A. Burris, III, MD, and
   Sarah Cannon Research Institute*

Frist Family Endowed Young Investigator Award
   in honor of Howard A. Burris, III, MD

GlaxoSmithKline Oncology*
Gianni Bonadonna Breast Cancer
   Award and Lecture 

Gianni Bonadonna Breast Cancer
   Research Fellowship

GlaxoSmithKline Oncology Endowed
   Merit Award

Anna Braglia Endowed Young Investigator
   Award in Cancer Supportive Care,
   supported by HELSINN

Hologic, Inc
Hologic, Inc Endowed Women Who
   Conquer Cancer Mentorship Award

Friends and Family of Dr. Arti Hurria*​
Endowed Young Investigator Award in Geriatric Oncology
   in honor of Dr. Arti Hurria

William T. Leslie, MD**
William T. Leslie, MD, Endowed Merit Award

Gary H. Lyman, MD, MPH, FASCO
   and Nicole M. Kuderer, MD**

Drs. Nicole M. Kuderer and Gary H. Lyman
   Endowed Merit Award

Loxo Oncology Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary
   of Eli Lilly and Company*

Loxo Oncology Endowed Merit Awards (2)

Michael and Georgia Michelson**
Dr. Jose Leis Endowed Young Investigator Award

Victoria H. Montgomery*​
Victoria H. Montgomery Endowed
   Young Investigator Award

Friends and Family of
   Dr. James B. Nachman

James B. Nachman Endowed
   ASCO Junior Faculty Award in
   Pediatric Oncology

Novartis Oncology**
Novartis Oncology Endowed Young
   Investigator Award in Health Disparities

Dr. Kathleen Pritchard Medicine
   Professional Corporation

Kathleen I. Pritchard, MD, Endowed
   Merit Award

Thomas G. Roberts, Jr., MD, FASCO, and
   Susan M. DaSilva, PhD

Endowed Young Investigator Award
   in honor of Grant R. and
   Victoria A. Merryman

Sarah Cannon Research Institute*
Sarah Cannon Research Institute Endowed
   Merit Award

Aaron and Barbro Sasson
Åke Bertil Eriksson Endowed
   Young Investigator Award

Frances A. Shepherd, MD, FASCO
Frances A. Shepherd, MD, Endowed
   Merit Award in Lung Cancer

Stephen A. Sherwin, MD
Sherwin Family Endowed
   Merit Awards (3)

Drs. Rachna and Puneet Shroff
Drs. Rachna and Puneet Shroff
   Endowed Merit Award

Nizar M. Tannir, MD*
Nizar M. Tannir, MD, Endowed Merit Award

Dr. Michael and Deborah Troner​*
Howard E. Lessner, MD, Endowed Merit Award

Walther Cancer Foundation
Walther Cancer Foundation Palliative and
   Supportive Care in Oncology Endowed
   Award and Lecture

Generous Supporters of the
   Women Who Conquer Cancer

Endowed Women Who Conquer Cancer
   Young Investigator Award




*New 2019 Donors.
**New 2020 Donors. 


This list is as of August 12, 2019.