Supported Programs

We are proud to support a number of resources and programs for oncology professionals, patients, and the entire cancer community. Whether you are an oncologist looking to further your knowledge or a patient looking for up-to-date cancer information, we are here to help. 

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Supported Programs

Conquer Cancer supports research grants for the brightest scientific minds in your community and around the world. Conquer Cancer has provided more than $178 million in research funding through more than 8,600 grants and awards in 87 countries. Many work in areas that are not often funded by other organizations, such as palliative care and rare cancers. This pipeline of talent and results will enrich cancer care and research for years to come.

Cancer.Net mobile app
Supported Programs
Cancer.Net Mobile App

Supported by Conquer Cancer, Cancer.Net has updated their award-winning mobile app, Cancer.Net Mobile, to help people with cancer, their families, and caregivers stay informed, empowered, and organized throughout their treatment and beyond. Take a tour of the app’s features, bookmark content to reference later, get personalized content suggestions, and more with this update. Cancer.Net Mobile is available for free on iOS and Android and is Spanish enabled. Learn more about this app, and please share with friends and family who may need this essential tool. 

CancerLinQ Supported Programs
Supported Programs

CancerLinQ® is a cutting-edge health information technology (HIT) platform that is revolutionizing cancer care. By enabling us to learn from each of the millions of individual patients living with cancer nationwide, CancerLinQ improves the quality and value of cancer care for all. 

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Supported Programs
Patient Resources

The best cancer care starts with the best cancer information. That’s why Conquer Cancer supports Cancer.Net, the award-winning patient information website of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), as well as ASCO’s patient information program.

Conquer Cancer also supports the efforts of patient advocates. Conquer Cancer funding provides opportunities and resources to promote all types of advocacy, including the Patient Advocate Scholarship Program.

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Supported Programs
Online Medical Education

Conquer Cancer helps oncology professionals stay up-to-date with the latest knowledge by supporting online educational tools to further their professional development.

Elevated view of main hall at ASCO Annual Meeting 2019. People walking in crowd through the large meeting hall space. Large blue globe hanging from ceiling in right-hand side of image. Tagline reads: "Caring For Every Patient, Learning From Every Patient"
Supported Programs
Meetings, Symposia, & Workshops

Conquer Cancer supports a variety of scientific meetings where oncology professionals come together to learn the latest breakthroughs and strategies to take back to their patients.