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Hattie, Mary Ann and Molly Sherman
Three generations of breast cancer survivors: Mary Ann, Molly, and Hattie
A Family Conquers Cancer Together

For some families, cancer is in their genes. But this didn’t stop Hattie Sherman from conquering it. She knows what it’s like to navigate the turbulence and challenges that breast cancer brings. Hattie is a third-generation survivor of hereditary breast cancer and is helping her sisters navigate their futures, all of whom face similar risks for hereditary breast cancers.

Dr. Stacey Cohen sitting outdoors on a bench in front of a green bush. She is smiling facing forward. She has shoulder-length brown hair and an indigo blouse.
Dr. Stacey Cohen

Supported by a Conquer Cancer grant, Stacey A. Cohen, MD, is working to uncover the genetic and environmental factors that cause gastrointestinal cancers - including what causes these diseases to multiply and spread in the body.

Dr. William Matsui, wearing a white coat and glasses, and is located in a laboratory. He has black hair and is smiling facing forward.
Dr. William Matsui Dedicates 20+ Years to Multiple Myeloma Research

William Matsui, MD, received Conquer Cancer grants in 2001 and 2004 to accelerate stem cell research for patients with multiple myeloma. More than two decades later, Dr. Matsui continues moving vital breakthroughs from the lab into promising treatments.

Dr. Aba Scott with seven members from her local cancer care team in Ghana. They are all wearing blue health-provider gowns and are standing together, smiling facing forward, in a clinic setting.
Supported Programs

We are proud to support a number of resources and programs for oncology professionals, patients, and the entire cancer community. 

Hattie and Molly Sherman
Your Stories logo. It reads "Your Stories: Conquering Cancer" with an orange and black microphone to the left, appearing to emit sound waves.
Generations of Courage

Hattie is a third-generation survivor of hereditary breast cancer, following her mother, Molly, and grandmother, Mary Ann. Fortunately, as advances in cancer research continued, each generation of Hattie's family experienced improved treatment options.

In this episode, Hattie, Molly, and Dr. Patt join Your Stories host, Dr. Mark Lewis, for a candid conversation about the intergenerational impact of conquering cancer. They talk about the turbulence and challenges that breast cancer brings and share why sustained support for cancer research is necessary for advancements in treatment to continue.

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